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— Nicole Troiano
Palliative and Hospice Care

What We Do

An unfortunate part of life that we cannot avoid is the passing of our loved ones. The final months or years cannot be stressful on not only the family, but the individual themselves. Caring Touch understands the struggle and is dedicated to providing the professional and compassionate care to maintain their dignity and privacy in their challenging times.

Specific Services

  • Daily monitoring of client health and revision of their care plan as needed
  • Assistance with pain management
  • Regular sponge bathing and personal care
  • Mouth care
  • Positioning and repositioning in bed to promote skin integrity
  • Monitoring of and assistance with dietary needs
  • Regular communication with palliative care doctors and other health professionals involved
  • Regular communication with family members
  • Ensuring the dignity, respect, and privacy of the client as per their direction and religious beliefs
  • Arrangements for Home Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Filling in the gaps with public services to ensure consistency of care

Our Process

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