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— Nicole Troiano
Hospital Discharge

Service Overview

Spending time at a hospital, short term or long term, can be tolling on anyone. Hera at Caring Touch, we understand the stress associated with hospital discharge which allows us to dedicate ourselves to ensuring your return home is a smooth process.

Caring Touch has worked to ensure the experience is seamless, having provided Hospital Discharge Services and Post-Operative Care and that can help you or your loved one transition comfortably back home. Our team is capable of completing all the necessary tasks that come with returning home from the hospital such as: Ordering and Collecting Medications, In-Home Recovery, and Transportation Management.

Specific Services

  • Case Management Services including in-hospital assessment by an experienced Nurse Case Manager
  • Attendance at discharge planning meeting
  • Visit to your home prior to discharge to ensure your home is properly prepared
  • Coordination and delivery of Home Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Arrangement of your transportation home
  • Personal Care Services and/or Home Support Services
  • Overnight Care and Supervision
  • 24-hour on-call support for questions and urgent matters
  • Immediate response for additional care
  • Communication with other health care professionals on your case

Our Process

Free Professional Consultation / Assessment

Free Professional Consultation / Assessment

Placement of Compassionate Caregiver

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