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Foot Care

What We Do

Through the process of growing older, our feet often deteriorate over time as result of constant use and stress. Our feet represent the base and foundation of our everyday functionalities. As a result, foot care becomes an essential part of our health as we age.

At Caring Touch, our specialists are trained to aid in the healing of foot related issues. Our nurses are equipped with the expertise and certification to assist in advanced foot care. Our specialists will conduct an assessment to determine the care needed for your specific needs.

Specific Services

  • Nursing assessments to help you understand your risk factors and identify foot problems
  • Foot massages to encourage circulation
  • Educating you on taking care of your feet properly
  • Nail cutting
  • Corn and callous care
  • Ingrown toenail care
  • Identification of the need for more specialized foot treatments and referrals you to appropriate resources in your community

Our Process

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Placement of Compassionate Caregiver

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