What is Home Care?

The term “Home Care’ refers to home visits made by health care professionals such as Nurses and Personal Support Workers (PSWs). This form of care consists of services provided to individuals and families within their places of residence that help to promote, maintain, or restore health. Caring Touch services can come in the form of medical or non-medical care services, provided by both registered and non-registered health care professionals. Accessing our diverse array of Home Care services can help allow you to remain comfortable, secure, and content in your own home for as long as you choose.

What is Personalized Care?

Caring Touch offers the following personalized care to all our clients:

  • We take the time to get to know you as an individual so that we can properly address your needs and concerns
  • By getting to know you and learning about what you want out of your care, we create a customised care plan that takes into account your personal preferences and requirements.
  • Your services are performed by a hand-picked caregiver that is both personable and qualified to meet your needs.
  • Your services are scheduled when YOU choose.

Our professional care team is available to listen and address any concerns regarding your home health care in a prompt and professional manner.

If I feel that I need help, why should I choose home care over a retirement home?

While moving to a retirement home is often seen as unavoidable when an individual is faced with health concerns or a decline in overall health, Home Care is also a viable option:

  • Your home is where you feel safe and comfortable and is also where many of your memories are.
  • You are able to maintain your independence.
  • By staying at home, you can avoid the high-rising cost of accommodation and food that would be incurred at a retirement home.
  • Most retirement homes require that you pay for extra care by the hour, just as you would at home.
  • There are many subsidies that you may be able to access for health care within your home.
  • Caring Touch customizes home health care services to your personal needs and wants, available to you within your own home.

How do you select your Caregivers?

At Caring Touch, we expect a great deal out of each and every one of our employees, and don’t just trust anyone to care for our clients. The following requirements must be met in order for an individual to be employed by Caring Touch:

  • Strong people skills that will be conducive to improving our clients’ quality of life.
  • Must be certified from a recognized Canadian learning institute as a Nurse, Personal Support Worker, Home Support Worker or Health Care Aide, or equivalent/necessary experience in dealing with the ill and/or elderly.
  • Up-to-Date Criminal Record Check, CPR Certification, TB/Vaccinations

Can I choose the times that my caregiver visits me?

Yes, you are able to choose the times of all of your Caring Touch visits. We will work with your schedule and preferences, whether they be that your caregiver is with you in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, overnights, or weekends. You can also choose the length and frequency of your visits.

What happens if my Caregiver is sick?

At Caring Touch, your safety and protection is our top priority. Should one of our Caregivers fall ill, they are instructed to call our offices and refrain from going into work in order to avoid taking any chances of passing along colds or flus. Upon being notified that a caregiver is ill, we will call you to make alternate arrangements that suit your needs and preferences. We will often contact an alternate caregiver who knows you to have them fill the shift.

How do you communicate with family members?

We communicate with designated family members as needed and as requested. Our privacy policies and regulations regarding whom we share information with are very strict. It is, therefore, important to establish who should be contacted ahead of time, as well as what capacity to which information should be divulged. It is, however, our pleasure to notify family members of changes when they occur.

Contact your local office today for a Free In-Home Consultation with a Nurse or to find out more about the home care options for you and your loved one.