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Cognitive Activities

Service Overview

There are many different reasons that an older adult might have cognitive issues. Keeping their brain active and engaged can help to make sure that you reduce the deterioration. There are many activities that help and allow you and your loved one to have fun together.

For many of you who have busy lives and are unable to engage in these activities with your loved ones; we at Caring Touch Home Health Care are able to engage when you can’t.

We want to provide high quality personalized care that addresses both the emotional and physical health care of our clients offering innovative approaches to brain fitness.

Just as physical exercise strengthens and trains our bodies, cognitive training and activities exercise stimulates the brain, helping it grow and develop new connections as we age. The more we challenge the mind through various forms of mental exercise, the better it is at processing information.

As caregivers, we want to be sure our loved ones remain healthy in every aspect of the mind, body and soul and their mental health is a very important component of overall health.

Based on our assessment, a Caring Touch Home Health Care professional will look at many forms cognitive therapy by targeting these 6 areas:

  • Language and music
  • Visual/spatial orientation
  • Memory
  • Critical thinking
  • Computation
  • Faith

Our goal is enrich quality of life using tools such puzzles, word/number games, card games, strategy games, physical exercise & encourage healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to strengthen cognition and reduce symptoms of depression.

We encourage you to speak with your loved one’s doctor about activities that your loved one might enjoy that also fit in with their capability and limitations.

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